Forest Fires: a brief guide

Forest Fires: a brief guide
by Mole40k

Forest Fires (FF) is one of TS’s most popular multiplayer maps. It’s a varied map with lots of possibility for expansion and variation of tactics. The following guide is designed as a brief introduction for anyone seeking to improve their gameplay in 8-player Forest Fires games.

The basics

As with all games of TS, the basic aim of FF is to destroy your opponents(s) while leaving as much of your own base intact as possible. In large team games the central aim is to defeat the opposing team with (hopefully) your whole team still left alive.

  1. The first and most important job you have as soon as the game starts, is to scout. This cannot be overstated enough. This means scouting the area around your base, this means scouting your allies, and this means crucially, scouting your opponents. If you can’t see your opponents, then you can’t see what’s coming, and similarly, you can’t attack them either. If you don’t scout, you won’t win. Simple as.
  2. The second most important task in a game of FF is to ally, and ally fast. Allying allows you to see any areas your team mates scout, and allows them to see the areas you scout. As this is after all, a team game, the more you see as a team, the better you can react, and the better you can attack. No allies = no coordination = no win.
  3. Your third task, is to stop enemy scouts. This doesn’t necessarily just include stopping scouts to your own base, but also your allies’ if scouts are passing through you, or if you’re in a position to stop them. After all, the less your opponents can see, the less they can attack, and the stronger your own element of surprise!
  4. Fourth and most importantly of all, your task, should you choose to accept it, is to attack. Attack is at the very heart of TS. If you don’t attack, you don’t win. If all you do is sit and make a pretty base, then in the time you’re doing this, your opponents will be attacking you and your team mates, and will ultimately win the match. Of course this isn’t to say you can’t exercise some creativity in your play – but only once you’ve mastered the basics! It’s all well and good having a beautifully laid out base, but if it isn’t effective, and if it leads to your team’s defeat, then it’s a complete waste of time!

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Tiberian Sun, Forest Fires: Common Mistakes

Forest Fires is one of the most popular maps available on Tiberian Sun, and with good reason. It provides a varied multiplayer experience that is sufficiently (though not completely) balanced for larger games of between 6 and 8 players.

But while Forest Fires is undoubtedly a popular map amongst the Tiberian Sun community, still many players make the same mistakes time and time again. These include failing to scout, failing to communicate with teammates, and wasting ‘power’ spots by building ‘not to lose’ rather than building to win. Continue reading